As a part of the continuing effort at the Mountain Martial Arts Academy in Stamford, the Academy will open its door to the public for two free weeks in any of its programs for the month of May.

Master Instructor George Curbelo of the Mountain Academy offers three programs.

“The children’s program is an opportunity for kids to experience discipline and respect while learning Martial arts skills and having a great time," Curbelo said. "Our adult/teen program is geared to fitness and reality-based self-defense. This is the class for you if you want to get in shape while learning some real self-defense skills. The fitness kickboxing class is a kick-butt, get-in-shape class.”

It’s Master Curbelo’s hope that more people will take advantage of this opportunity as a step into a healthier and fit lifestyle.

"It doesn’t matter as much to me that people enroll in my programs after they’re done with their free session," he said. "Inspiring them enough to continue on in whatever manner they would like, to a healthier life is my goal.”

Space is limited so make your reservations quickly. For additional information or reservations, call the Mountain Martial Arts Academy at (607)-652-9087 or visit their website.