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Off the Air With Jeremy: George Jones R.I.P.
Like a lot of you, I sat home today crying at the TV as we said goodbye to George Jones. What a beautiful tribute it was seeing Alan Jackson's tearful version of 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.' I wish country music was still in those good old days.
Off the Air With Jeremy: My Drive Through West, Texas
What a beautiful little Texas town, but such an enormous tragedy that happened. This weekend on my way back to Dallas from San Antonio, I stopped by the town of West, Texas to pay my respects -- and, I guess, to satisfy that curiosity bug I had about what everything looks like.
Off the Air With Jeremy: Looking for the General Lee
Cue the Dixie horn, baby!
I am a child of the '80s, so like many others, I grew up with the Duke boys, Bo and Luke. But I'm not sure other people who watched 'The Dukes of Hazzard' are as obsessed with the star of the show as I am.
Off the Air With Jeremy: Paddleboard
As the weather starts to warm up a little, the activity outside our Taste of Country Nights studio has really increased. First we saw a couple of guys with remote control boats out by the canal -- now this?!
Off the Air With Jeremy: Happy Birthday Grandmother!
Hey blog buddies! TGIF! Meet my grandmother.
I sure do love this lady! She is very special to me, and I was glad to be able to take her to lunch and enjoy her company. Isn't family wonderful?
Remember my recent blog about my mamaw? This is my mamaw's daughter...
Off the Air With Jeremy: Summertime Anxiety
Okay, I'm in two minds about my blog today. On the one hand, I am so excited about summer and swimming, etc. -- but the other side of it is, I'm bothered by it, because there are so many activities outdoors, and I hate the heat!
Off the Air With Jeremy: Justin Moore Flashback
Hey blog buddies! How about a quick flashback?
Remember when Justin Moore was injured by someone poking his eye? He shares the story and shows us the injury in this flashback from 2012. Ouch!
Enjoy today's flashback video, and I'll see you on the radio tonight...
Off the Air With Jeremy: Boston Marathon Tragedy
I'm sitting here watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon explosions with such a heavy heart. It seems it's almost the norm now when you turn on the TV -- we see so many people hurt, killed or shocked by these terrorizing acts.
Off the Air With Jeremy: Tipping Etiquette
So, you know when I was having my lunch alone yesterday at Olive Garden? I want to thank you for all of the phone calls last night on the air, and the comments here on the blog. That makes me feel a little better about eating by myself!
Here are a few comments I received from you blog buddies:
I'm not…
Off the Air With Jeremy: Animal Appreciation Day
Isn't it hard to think how people can hurt animals? I saw this video today and I wanted to share it.
I love dogs! A while back I introduced you to my little buddy Baxter. I also asked you to send pictures of some of your pets to me so I could share them on my blog...
Off the Air With Jeremy: Weird Encounters of the Buffet Kind
Ever since this happened, I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Have you ever had something happen to you that literally takes 10 minutes to sink in? Well, that's what happened to me yesterday while I was eating lunch at a restaurant by myself (we'll talk about that in another blo…
Off the Air With Jeremy: ACM Awards
I'm bored with country award shows. They seem to be less about awards now, and more about more obvious, "cooler" stars than what we have in country music.
Off the Air With Jeremy: Getting Better All the Time?
All right, I've just got to vent about my recent experience with the doctor. I've only worked one day this week due to my bronchitis. On Tuesday I was told I would need to be out for two days and be on meds.
Off the Air With Jeremy: Taylor Swift Flashback
Have you ever heard me on the show making fun of the dinky little cupcake Taylor Swift once made me? Look carefully at my most recent chat with her (above) and you can just barely see it. It even has its own microphone!