Love Cowboy On Sleep Divorce Dilemma
Vanessa in Stillwater emailed the show about a situation developing between her and her husband that some have questioned, suggesting that it could lead to problems down the road: they sleep in separate beds. 'Sleep divorce' is quite common with some married couples but what does Love Cowb…
Davenport Man Arrested For Not Paying Court Fines
By Newsroom
A Davenport man learned the hard way that if you don’t pay your court fines you could end up in jail.
The Delaware County Sheriff’s says they arrested Edward Kaneg on June 20 pursuant to a Bench Warrant issued by the Town of Delhi Court for failure to pay fi…
New Catholic Charities Mentoring Program [Audio]
Do you want to make a significant difference in a child's life?  Here's your chance.  Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties is starting a new youth mentoring program for at-risk youth called the Delaware County Mentoring Program.
Important Lecture Tonight
Congress and President Trump are pursuing legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  To address how that would affect Americans, a "Policy Meets Practice Lecture" will be given by Dr. William Streck at the Craven Lounge in the Morris Complex of the SUNY O…

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