Brett Young Performance Highlights St. Peter’s Fundraiser
Fundraising during a pandemic can be especially difficult considering the safety precautions and restrictions we're all trying to adhere to.  Gone (for now) are the days of packed ballrooms and spirited galas that seemingly took place in the Capital Region at least once or twice a month.  Today, man…
The Cute Little Owl in the Big Old Ugly Tree
While the Christmas tree on display at NYC's Rockefeller Center has been met with criticism for it's less than stellar looks, the cute furry little owl that was recently found living inside the tree has been cherished and adored.  Ever since we saw his head poking up at us from inside the box they p…
How to Make a Mask Without Sewing [Video]
Since the governor declared that everyone will have to wear a mask in public, people are scrambling around to find one. All you need are these three items to make one yourself and there is no sewing involved.

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